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Petronas - Malaysia

Petronas LogoTigris Associate Consultants were responsible for significant innovation undertaken by Petronas, the Malaysian State Oil and Gas Company. The work in which they were involved the identification of potential applications of emerging ionic liquids science within the Petroleum industry, reviewing the strategic priorities of Petronas and agreeing three priority projects. Subsequently having identified three key priorities linked to reducing impurities that impede effective refining, carbon capture and environmental challenges the Associates sourced the relevant scientific expertise. Following the development and proving of the fundamental science Tigris Associates worked closely with Petronas to ensure that the innovative chemistry could be incorporated cost effectively into the refinery process and oversaw the successful practical implementation.

This project demonstrated the ability of Tigris associates to see through projects from the initial identification of an opportunity , through proposal, focussing on strategic priorities, sourcing the right team to underpin the project and taking responsibility for driving the project to a successful completion to the satisfaction of the client.

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