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It is our intent to demonstrate an ongoing and determined commitment to improving health and safety at work throughout our organisation. We will ensure the health and safety at work of all our people and any other people who may be affected by our work activities. We will comply with the requirements of health and safety legislation. We will lead industry by promoting best practice and exceeding the guidance of the Health and Safety Executive and other regulatory bodies.

This policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that health and safety at work is paramount to the business and that effective health and safety actively contributes to our success. We will ensure all our people and subcontractors have awareness and understanding of health and safety hazards and risks that affect our business.
Adequate resources will be provided to ensure all our people, the sub-contractors and stakeholders are aware of this policy and committed to its effective implementation. There will be active open communication and consultation between all our people, the sub-contractors and stakeholders. Health and safety will be integrated into our communications, wherever appropriate. Roles and responsibilities for health and safety will be defined, as necessary, within job descriptions or profiles. Senior management will ensure that:
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  • Adequate resources are provided for health and safety
  • Health and safety is adequately assessed, controlled and monitored
  • Our people are actively involved on matters that affect health and safety

Senior management will demonstrate leadership in health and safety. Senior management will undertake tours to ensure that health and safety issues are identified, assessed and managed. Systems will be in place and people will be empowered to raise health and safety concerns with management.

We will report and investigate accidents, incidents and near misses to drive improvement in our health and safety management. Any lessons learned from such events will be used to take corrective action to prevent recurrences.

Our NEBOSH, Health & Safety advisors are Phoenix Health & Safety Ltd